Top Reasons to Get an Electric Bike

Person standing over electric bike symbol on street.

If you feel like your traditional bicycle is missing a certain zip, going electric might be the answer! While there are many reasons to get an electric bike, you might have some questions if you’re not used to e-bikes just yet:

  • What is an eBike?
  • How fast can eBikes go?
  • Are electric bikes safe or dangerous?

Most of our customers find that the more they learn about eBikes, the more excited they become. Of course, many of our clients are already ATV and UTV enthusiasts. Still, many people who used to love traditional bicycles have become interested in electric bikes in recent years. If you’re on the fence or just in the early stage of gathering information, now is the time to learn more about why you’re starting to see eBikes all over Denver!

Cycling With eBikes Gets You Out of the House and Car

Let’s face it: Riding a bicycle can be exhausting at times. This is especially true when you get into the more mountainous areas around Denver. Cycling is great exercise, but sometimes you get to a point where you wish you had a little bit of an extra boost.

That’s where the eBike comes in. It offers a little bit of the best of everything. Unlike a car or motorcycle, you can still get some exercise while you’re on your eBike. You also don’t need a license to ride an electric bicycle. At the same time, you can still get the classic cycling experience by powering your ride by pedaling when you want to.

The following are seven of the primary reasons our customers choose electric bicycles over other forms of recreation or transportation.

They’ll help you go further, faster, and longer

In many ways, the experience of riding an electric bicycle is just like riding a traditional bike. If you know how to ride a classic bicycle, the learning curve is almost nonexistent. You’ll be riding in no time, but with one big difference. You’ll be able to go much faster and finish longer or more challenging rides.

Is there a route you want to cycle but can’t quite manage because of one big hill right in the middle? An eBike will give you the extra oomph you need to make it over that hill and finish your ride. This feature is also nice for those of us who feel the need for speed.

So, how fast can an eBike go? Most of them can get up to roughly 20 miles per hour with the motorized assist engaged. Of course, you can always take downhills or pedal faster if you want to. That’s already almost as fast as the average speed at the Tour de France, but some of us want even more speed.

That’s where fast electric bikes come in. For example, Specialized eBikes can achieve speeds of up to 28 miles per hour with electric assist. That’s a few miles per hour faster than the fastest average speed ever at the Tour de France. Just imagine what a bike like this will make you capable of on your next ride!

They get you riding more

When you can ride further, faster, and longer, cycling is more fun. When cycling is more fun, you’re likely to get out there and do it more. This isn’t just our opinion, either. Research from ScienceDirect indicates that people who have eBikes are likely to ride more often and go further.

It’s also important to note that this research says, “physical activity gains from active travel are similar in e-bikers and cyclists.” In other words, you’ll still likely get the same amount of exercise and health benefits. Getting an eBike can help you enjoy cycling more often without giving up the active benefits of traditional cycling. This brings us to our next point…

They can help keep you fit

Some people worry that they won’t get any exercise when they switch from a traditional bicycle to an eBike. This doesn’t seem to be a problem in practice, though. When you get out more and take longer rides, you end up getting more exercise. You’re not just making your rides easier, you’re giving yourself the option to ride longer, faster, and further with the same level of effort.

This is especially helpful for people who avoid cycling sometimes because they don’t feel like they’re quite fit enough. Maybe cycling isn’t as fun as it used to be when you had more energy or stronger legs. Maybe you’re worried about taking that bicycle out because you don’t feel like you can confidently navigate your route on it. In either case, an electric bicycle can give you the boost you need to get pedaling again.

They’re great for commuting

Of course, to be fair, you can certainly choose to get a less intense workout from an electric bike if you want to. For example, imagine you want to ride your bike to work. When the average temperature soars to over 90° in Denver during July, it’s hard to finish that ride without breaking a sweat. Unless you work at a gym, it might not be a good look to stroll into the office dripping with sweat.

Again, electric bicycles can save your day. You can rely on the electric assist during your commute to work, so you arrive fresh and put together. Then you can always ditch the electric assist on your way home to get a better workout. Plus, depending on how congested your commute is, you might be able to move faster through traffic on a stylish eBike like a Ducati than you can in a car.

They’re great for dealing with hills

You already know that electric bikes can help you ride faster, longer, and further. We’ve mentioned it can help you get to the top of that intimidating hill. But what if the hill isn’t even paved?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you might be pleasantly surprised that there are plenty of eBikes that are built for the trail. Check out some of the top options like Intense eBikes and Husqvarna eBikes if you’re looking to get off the beaten path.

Electric bikes are safer than regular bikes

We often have people ask if eBikes are dangerous. After all, they’re faster, which might come with some added risks, right? The truth is that an electric bike can actually keep you safe. Most bike accidents happen at intersections or other junctions where it can take a bicyclist too long to get up to the speed of traffic. An eBike helps you accelerate almost instantly.

eBikes can help you save money

How much money would you save if you didn’t need a car for your daily commute? Chances are, you’ll save considerably more than you spend on your eBike. Even if you keep your car, you can still save money by putting less wear and tear on it.

See Fay Myers Motorcycle World’s Selection of Electric Bikes

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Photo Credit: Markus Mainka