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Off-Road E-Bikes

Discover views, reserved for the worthy.

Versatility, uncompromised. The right power at the right time Raw power with complete control Adjustable power tailored to your ride More power to you – Shimano EP8.


// EXTREME CROSS: Turn downhill days on their head. The Extreme Cross delivers a true advantage, combining extra-ordinary power with 200mm of suspension travel to make light work of every obstacle, drop-off and berm. Charge downhill then race back to the top and keep the laps coming hard and fast

// HARD CROSS: Given the seal of approval by pros, the Hard Cross is the ultimate trail-tamer, ready to take your riding to the next level. With confidence-inspiring capabilities, you can elevate your bike skills to new heights, even on the toughest and most challenging Enduro terrain. Perfect for singletrack trailblazers, bike park laps and freeride mountain biking

// MOUNTAIN CROSS: The ever-ready all-rounder. The Mountain Cross features improved geometry for 2021, ensuring more responsive handling and better trail-to-rider feedback. An all-encompassing performer, with mixed wheels sizes and all-mountain-specific suspension travel, it takes everything in its stride. Enjoy rugged mountain top rides, endless, flowing singletrack, and those leisurely scenic spins.

// LIGHT CROSS: Perfect for beginners and a true performer in the hands of pros. The Light Cross is designed for fast rides and fun times, wherever the trail takes you. With playful geometry and a punchy motor, the well-specced build allows trail obstacles to be linked together with effortless flow


Flow through the city, swift and stylish.

Our models are casual cruisers meant for all types of urban environments. Low-entry, step-through frames make it easy to stop at red lights. Its power makes cruising through traffic, satisfying and simple. Its weight makes city explorations a joy.


// GRAN URBAN: Reacquaint yourself with the urban jungle. From daily commutes to weekend leisure rides around town, our Gran Urban models feel at home. Light and comfortable yet fully equipped with the right accessories and power, embark on city adventures and all kinds of fuss-free bike rides.

// GRAN CITY: Power, comfort and elegance intertwined. Our Gran City models are exceptionally sleek all-rounders designed to maneuver through city traffic effortlessly and comfortably. Their strength lies in their simplistic and compact geometries, perfectly complementing a cargo or child trailer.

// ECO CITY: Making powered city-biking accessible to all, the Eco City is designed to liberate city folk with the luxury of ease, without having to spend a fortune. Agile enough to weave through the hustle and bustle of a city, yet versatile enough to explore different parts of town – it’s the perfect modern commute


Chase your curiosity, uncover the wonders ahead.

The right power at the right time. Raw power with complete control. Adjustable power tailored to your ride More power to you – Shimano EP8.


// GRAN GRAVEL: For those who embrace everything that comes their way – the Gran Gravel is the ultimate choice. Sporty geometry, sturdy build and an added boost of power with every pedal stroke ensure gravel adventures are taken to the max. Ride on - the fun doesn’t need to stop when the asphalt ends.

// GRAN SPORT: Mark your milestones in comfort on the Gran Sport. Designed to please riders of any gender and tour preferences, each Gran Sport is built to enhance your experience. From long or short rides to forest and single trails, a wide variety of bike rides are waiting to be enjoyed.

// CROSS TOURER: Be more ambitious. Go wherever your instinct leads you with the Cross Tourer. Hybrids by design, our fleet of Cross Tourer models are more than tour-ready. Each model is fitted with front and rear suspension for mastering off-road trails and is equipped with tour-specific accessories for daily commutes.

// GRAN TOURER: Immerse yourself in touring. On or off-road, the Gran Tourer matches your drive to go the distance and enhances your ride. Ample power, front suspension, optimized battery life and tour-specific accessories as standard set you off in the direction of memory-making experiences.

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