Winter ATV Riding in Colorado

You can find some of the best winter ATV riding in Denver, Colorado. Many people think of ATVs as a summer activity, but the truth is that some of our favorite rides have been during the winter months. If you know or learn how to safely ride an ATV in the snow, you can continue to enjoy your hobby all year!

Riding in the snow presents some unique challenges compared to riding on dry ground. It isn’t hard to adjust if you already have some experience. We think Denver drivers and riders are some of the best at navigating snowy conditions. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know to prepare for your next winter ride!

Riding in Colorado Winters - Fay Myers Powersports

What to Know About Winter ATV Riding in CO

Whether or not there’s snow on the ground, winter ATV riding comes with some unique challenges. Temperatures regularly drop below 20°F throughout the season, and the weather only gets colder when you head up into the mountains. You’ll have to deal with the freezing cold – even before you open up the throttle on your ATV.

Dress for the Weather

Once you start cruising down the trail, the wind chill will make it feel even colder. Great clothes can help prevent the wind from ripping through and chilling you right to the bone. If you’re experienced with winter sports, you probably already know that adequate winter gear is worth its weight in gold. 

We recommend investing in something that can withstand extreme conditions so you aren’t miserable while you’re supposed to be having fun. Many riders like to put heat packs in their gloves, boots, and pockets. You can even invest in clothes with built-in heating elements if you want. Don’t forget your gloves, hat, and face protection!

Dress for Safety

Dressing for warmth is important, but not at the expense of dressing for safety. Even if you want to wear something warm on your head, it’s still critical to wear a helmet. Wearing your riding boots, helmet, and other protective clothing is always necessary.

ATVing in the Snow

Some trails aren’t fit for ATVing in the snow, which can be a problem because we tend to get a fair amount of snow during winters in the Denver area. Similar to driving your car, it’s normally a good idea to take things slowly when there’s snow on the ground. You won’t get as much traction when the ground is slick. Equipping your ATV with snow tires can make all the difference.

The presence of snow or other precipitation will also change your gear requirements. When it’s wet outside, waterproof gear can help you stay dry and comfortable. Luckily, Fay Myers has plenty of outdoor equipment for sale so that you can stay dry, comfortable, and safe. Finally, make sure you know where you’re riding. Snow can reduce visibility and hide obstacles, so please don’t take any risks while ATVing in the snow.

Preparing for Winter ATV Riding

Extreme cold can be brutal on your body and your vehicle. We recommend an ATV tune-up before you head out.

Winter upgrades might include any of the following:

  • Adding wide snow tires lowers your center of gravity so you can stay upright in slick conditions.
  • Requesting ATV parts precisely made for winter riding, such as snow plows.
  • Changing to oil that can work in low temperatures.
  • Adding antifreeze to keep condensation droplets from freezing in your gas tank.
  • Investing in a carburetor heater for icy conditions.

Before and after you ride, inspect your ATV. Washing salt and snow off your vehicle can help prevent corrosion, rust, and other damage. Before your ride or during a break, make sure there isn’t any ice on your vehicle that might hurt its performance. Finally, if your current vehicle isn’t fit for such challenging conditions, this could be the perfect reason to buy that new ATV you’ve been looking at.

During Winter, Where Can You Safely Operate an ATV?

We always recommend doing your own research and confirming trail conditions before heading out for a ride. That said, a few trails in Colorado have reputations for winter riding. For example, many people enjoy the Ruby Jewel Route near Walden and Bull Mountain near Red Feather Lakes, CO.

ATV Specialists in Denver, CO

Winter weather means cold temperatures, snow, ice, and lots of other fun stuff that makes riding harder than usual. That’s why ensuring your vehicle is prepared for the conditions ahead is important.

Now that you know more about what to do and where to go, you don’t have to put your ATV away for the winter. Enjoy the great outdoors during these winter months by taking advantage of all the fun ATV trails Colorado offers. Please make sure you’re safe while doing it!

Schedule an appointment at Fay Myers Motorcycle World, and we’ll ensure you’re equipped to keep the fun going all year long!