UTV ATV Service & Repair Shop Denver, CO

Using an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) offers enormous benefits. These include accessing places inaccessible by traditional vehicles and trucks, traversing rugged topography, and having an immense capacity for towing. However, it is essential to have UTV or ATV services regularly to keep it in perfect shape.

At Fay Myers Motorcycle World, we offer quality and professional UTV and ATV services across various parts of your vehicle. As the leading full-service UTV & ATV repair shop, we also offer a wide range of services. In addition, our highly trained technicians will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and more efficiently.

UTV Service

Preventative Maintenance

A faulty vehicle often results in other associated problems that reduce efficiency and increase fuel consumption. Engaging in preventative maintenance helps prevent such issues, cutting down the cost of repairs. Fay Myers Motorcycle World has the right equipment and experience in locating, repairing and replacing faults in your ATV or UTV swiftly and effectively. We offer preventative maintenance services, including basic oil changes, clutch rebuilds, and “check engine” light solutions.


Suspension & Steering

If your vehicle has suspension problems, it might be difficult to navigate rugged terrains. Whether your ATV has bent arms, broken suspension and steering components, or worn-out bushings, we have got you covered. Our technicians use hi-tech equipment and tools to address suspension and steering problems in your vehicle. Besides, we provide everything you might need, from stock replacement to aftermarket components.


Collision Repair

Fay Myers Motorcycle World remains dedicated to restoring your vehicle after an accident on the dunes, trail, or track. Our collision repair service aims at getting your machine back to its original form as soon as possible. We will work with your insurance company and provide the highest quality customer service that meets your needs. As a certified UTV & ATV shop, we will treat your vehicle as our own, delivering professional collision repair solutions in Denver, CO.



Your UTV or ATV should incorporate a reliable electrical system. Pros at Fay Myers Motorcycle World provide solutions to all electrical issues, ensuring your vehicle runs more efficiently. We also offer custom wiring solutions, including simple light bar installs across all ATV and UTV brands and models.


Wheels & Tires

Wheels and tires are critical in off-roading that ensure you get the most out of the vehicle and stay safe. Technicians at Fay Myers Motorcycle World provide solutions to ATV and UTV wheels and tires, regardless of what you need. We aim to ensure you eliminate any challenges with your wheels and get tires that can withstand any terrain you intend to conquer.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

When you purchase a UTV or ATV from Fay Myers Motorcycle World, we guarantee the best vehicle without faults. Our pre-purchase inspection service focuses on all vehicle components and parts to ensure you receive a flawless machine. Besides, all UTV and ATV vehicles in our inventory are certified and proven safe for use.


Upgrades & Performance

Fay Myers Motorcycle World provides customized upgrades and performance on UTV and ATV machines. These range from installing a radio and intercom system on your vehicle to communicate with your friends to boosting power with tuners and performance mods. We also offer tire upgrades, add a roof, alter gear ratio and install a larger bore kit to enhance horsepower and torque.



Although UTVs and ATVs are ideal for off-road rides, misalignment may result in the vehicle pulling to the side or a shaking and wobbling feeling in the handlebars. Tires will also wear unevenly, leading to sooner replacements. Alignment services help keep your ATV or UTV stable when riding and prevent tires from wearing faster. Our pros will perform alignment to your vehicle, whether front-end or rear-end.


Insurance Claims

Fay Myers Motorcycle World works with some leading insurance companies in Colorado, helping you file a damage claim fast and recover damages. We can help you through the entire process and fix your vehicles promptly, which ensures you receive your settlement sooner, get original parts, and have high maintenance on your vehicle.


Prepare Yourself for the Ride of Your Life

UTVs and ATVs are adrenaline rush vehicles capable of high speeds and nimble maneuvers, allowing you to save money on a reliable machine. However, you need to keep your UTV or ATV in perfect shape through professional servicing at Fay Myers Motorcycle World. To learn more about UTV & ATV service in Denver, CO, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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