Best Dirtbike Trails in Colorado

Best Dirtbike Trails in Colorado

Colorado, with its diverse terrains and breathtaking landscapes, is a top destination for anyone who appreciates the adrenaline rush of dirt biking. The rugged trails offer every rider—from the novice to the seasoned expert—a thrilling experience like no other. While there are numerous trails to explore, here are our favorite picks for the best dirt bike trails in Colorado that you won’t want to miss.

1. Rampart Range

Sprawling across the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Rampart Range is as extensive as it is diverse. The area is interspersed with pine and aspen forests, meandering streams, and rocky outcroppings that demand attention.

The trails’ varying levels of difficulty cater to both beginner and advanced riders. Gasgas and Suzuki riders, in particular, will find their machines’ agility invaluable, especially when navigating tight turns and unpredictable terrains. Campgrounds are also scattered throughout the region, making multi-day adventures possible.

2. Taylor Park

A gem in the heart of the Rockies, Taylor Park is more than just trails—it’s an experience. This basin, encompassed by awe-inspiring peaks, offers over 1,000 miles of trails that range from leisurely rides to adrenaline-pumping terrains. Stream crossings and alpine meadows are par for the course here.

For Honda and Kawasaki riders, the trails promise unmatched versatility, making every ride feel tailored just for them.

3. Rainbow Falls

For riders that like a side of scenery with their dirt biking trails, Colorado is home to one of the must-see spots in the region: Rainbow Falls. Beyond the appeal of its bike trails, Rainbow Falls is a sight to see in itself. The trail culminates at a stunning waterfall, which is a worthy reward after a thrilling ride. As riders traverse the route, they’ll encounter a mix of sandy paths, hard-packed earth, and some rocky stretches.

Those on a KTM will find the bike’s suspension and balance perfect for this trail’s unique challenges. The area surrounding the falls offers plenty of spots for a picnic or relaxation, making it a fantastic destination for a full day’s adventure.

4. La Sal Pass

Soaring to elevations that feel as if they touch the sky, La Sal Pass is not your average trail. As you throttle through, the world seems to unfold beneath you, revealing breathtaking valleys, meadows, and snow-capped peaks. This trail, with its steep inclines and technical sections, is best suited for riders with a bit of experience under their helmets. Pausing occasionally is recommended—not just to catch your breath but to soak in those mesmerizing vistas.

5. Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek is a testament to nature’s resilience. Once ravaged by forest fires, today, it boasts a vibrant ecosystem. The trails here offer an intriguing mix: fast, flowy stretches interspersed with technical rocky sections. The contrasting landscape of charred tree remains, and new growth adds a unique ambiance to the ride. Gasgas riders will particularly enjoy the responsiveness of their bikes on these trails.

The area also provides ample opportunities for wildlife spotting, from chirping birds to curious critters, adding an element of surprise to your ride. Remember to carry a camera; the landscapes, combined with the Colorado sunlight, offer perfect photo ops.

6. Cinnamon Pass

Steeped in history and natural beauty, Cinnamon Pass is a ride through time. This trail, part of the iconic Alpine Loop, takes riders past remnants of Colorado’s mining past. The old mining towns, now abandoned, whisper tales of a bygone era. The Suzuki’s nimble nature makes weaving through this mix of history and rugged beauty an experience to remember.

The pass itself, reaching elevations over 12,000 feet, offers a crisp alpine atmosphere, making summer rides pleasantly cool. As you navigate, you might even find small patches of snow, a stark contrast to the otherwise rugged and rocky environment.

7. Indian Creek

Emerging from the lush Pike National Forest, Indian Creek offers an immersive riding experience. The trail, with its dense canopies, occasional water crossings, and open meadows, promises varying terrains. Kawasaki riders can truly harness their bike’s power, effortlessly switching between different terrains, ensuring the journey remains as thrilling as the scenic endpoints.

The route also boasts numerous campgrounds and resting points, inviting riders to extend their adventures overnight. As evening approaches, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a sky awash with stars, a sight seldom seen in cityscapes.

8. Holy Cross City

A ride that challenges both machine and mettle, Holy Cross City isn’t for the casual rider. The trail throws a series of obstacles—rocky paths, steep ascents, and, sometimes, tricky weather. But the remnants of Holy Cross City, a ghost town from the 1880s, add a historical element to the trail’s natural challenges, making it a journey through both time and terrain.

Alongside the technical challenges, riders might stumble upon old mining equipment and dilapidated buildings, serving as a fascinating reminder of Colorado’s booming gold rush days. A blend of history and thrill, it’s a ride that you’re sure to remember.

9. Imogene Pass

A high-altitude thrill, Imogene Pass serves as a natural connector between the historic towns of Ouray and Telluride. As riders ascend, they’ll traverse rocky terrains, and alpine meadows and might even spot some leftover snow patches. With a Honda’s reliable power, this trail feels less daunting, allowing riders to focus on the breathtaking panoramas that unfurl with each twist and turn.

As the elevation increases, riders will notice a dramatic shift in vegetation and climate, adding layers to their riding experience. The descent into Telluride is equally captivating, with its colorful Victorian homes and the distant view of box canyons.

10. Black Bear Pass

Synonymous with thrill, Black Bear Pass offers an exhilarating descent into Telluride. The trail is marked by tight switchbacks, abrupt elevation changes, and the ever-present challenge of unpredictable weather. However, the sight of Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado’s tallest free-falling waterfall, makes every heart-pounding moment worth it. Riders on Gasgas or Suzuki bikes will find their machine’s robust performance a trusty ally on this challenging trail.

11. Hartman Rocks

Gunnison’s Hartman Rocks is a playground for every dirt biker. The area, boasting over 8,000 acres, offers trails that cater to all skill levels of dirt bike riding in Colorado. From winding singletracks to broad paths, the trail variety keeps every ride fresh. Unique slickrock sections test a rider’s skill and balance, making it an absolute treat for Kawasaki and KTM enthusiasts. The landscape, dotted with junipers and sagebrush, adds a touch of wild beauty to each ride.

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